Peace and purpose

A couple of weeks ago, a family of evangelists came to my door: a man, a woman and a little girl. The man walked up to the door, offering me a booklet in his outstretched hand.

‘Do you want to know God’s purpose for your life?’ he asked.

The book in his hand was entitled What is the purpose of life?

I replied, ‘Thank you, but I already know the purpose of my life.’

The family left, the little girl waving at me as they walked back to their car; I waved back and smiled.

Knowing my purpose

It has taken me twenty years to be able to give that answer, to know that my purpose in life is to know and share the peace of God. Such a simple answer to all my years of seeking: simple to say, but difficult to live.

This last week, I have found very little peace within myself. The voice of doubt began to ask, how can I share peace when I cannot even find it for myself?

After a few days of inner wrangling, I remembered a simple way of shifting consciousness – singing in the shower. I did not deliberately choose what to sing, but the Gods answered my spoken and unspoken prayers for clarity with a song I learned years ago at Avalon Witchcamp:

My body is a living temple of love,
My body is the body of the Goddess.
Oh! I am that I am.

As I sang it over and over, the hot water washing over my body, I had a moment of remembrance of a truth I’d learned many times before: if I am truly to know peace, I must learn to be at peace with not being peaceful.

Such is the work of being compassionate to ourselves and others.

May peace fill our hearts, our world, our universe.


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