Spiritual practice – what is it for?

Lately, I’ve found daily practice a trial – more like working through a menu than renewing my soul – so much so that I’ve given myself permission to have a ‘fallow period’ of just noticing myself, rather than sitting down to focused meditation or energy work.

The twelve days of Yule are almost over now, though, and it feels important to recommit myself to daily practice. What has become clear to me during this fallow period, however, is that I needed to be clearer in my own understanding about what daily practice is for – ‘you’re supposed to’ or ‘it’s good for you’ just don’t work for me as reasons, and I’ve been engaged in spiritual practice too long to use the device of ‘you’re just trying it out to see what happens’ and actually convince myself.

So, when I was walking the dogs today, I thought I’d ask advice from Those who really ought to know. Here are the answers I got:

To know yourself as acceptable and whole and free.

To be yourself, who you are, and shine, blaze brightly.

To trust and rest on the tides.

To be still, like a mountain; to truly hear and see; to know through your senses.

To expand to hold and share beauty.

To expand to hold and transform pain.

To be a portal between worlds.

What about you? What are your reasons for engaging in spiritual practice?


What do you think? What is your experience of this?

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