Healing inspiration

This year I treated myself to a We’Moon diary. I’ve not had one for ten years and I’d forgotten what a wonderful resource of wisdom it can be.

Today, I found this poem, written by (Jane) Mara. I hope it speaks to you as deeply as it does to me.

Mending the Tattered Web of My Heart the World

I am mending
the tattered web of my heart, the world,
with plush emerald yarn
of compassion and generosity.
I darn holes torn by blame and judgement
with soft and sturdy strands
of kindness and understanding.

May I repair jagged rips
torn by despair and grief
with braided grasses of gratitude
and deep purple reeds of acceptance
of things as they are.

And where anger and fear
burned gaping holes,
may I reweave
with golden threads of forgiveness,
gleaming copper cords of courage,
and strong silver strands of trust
in the mysterious and holy unfolding
of what is greater than I can know.

To strengthen
this web of my heart, the world,
I send out these healing threads,
to anyone who needs them,
anyone at all
in this whole world.


What do you think? What is your experience of this?

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