Marrying Neptune and Saturn: can dreams and limits mix?

I’m currently training to be an academic, halfway through my PhD. It’s hard work, made harder by the two chronic health conditions I have, one of which I’ve known about for years, and is well-managed with the help of my doctor (depression), and one I’ve just been diagnosed with, but have been affected by for years without knowing it (fibromyalgia).

I’ve been thinking of going part-time with my research for some time; the fibro diagnosis clinched it. Fibromyalgia isn’t a fatal condition, it doesn’t damage vital organs or shorten life expectancy, but periodic and ongoing pain, stiffness, fatigue and difficulties in concentrating and processing information are all barriers to engaging in full-time work, especially academic work.

These symptoms though are not, nor will I let them be, barriers to full-time engagement with life. In fact, fewer hours of intensive research work will give me more breathing space, more opportunity to continue inner work, to descend into a place of deep peace, and perhaps to develop my ministry further — perhaps even breaking even on it, instead of making a loss as I currently tend to, or (*gasp*) even making some income.

Inspiration and money

Like many creative, relationship-oriented, service-focused people, especially perhaps many women, I fight shy of putting myself out there, of even considering the possibility that I could support myself financially by sharing the heart of myself. Like many spiritual people of all genders I struggle with asking for payment for this heart-sharing, in whatever form the sharing may take: in my case, that could be spiritual counselling, ceremonies, poetry, healing, works of art or craft. Divine gifts and inspiration; surely it’s not right to ask for money for these?

While I respect and agree with this both intellectually and emotionally when it comes to teaching spirituality — particularly when bringing a person into one’s spiritual family — when it comes to the services I list above, my head, my heart and my gut do not agree, and I end up fighting myself.

Intellectually, I know there is nothing wrong with asking for payment for a skill or a talent which I have spent time, effort and often money on developing and nurturing in myself, so that what I offer to people is worth the giving. Both intellectually and emotionally, I struggle with the balance between valuing myself and what I offer, and making my work available to anyone who wants and needs it, whatever their economic situation.

In my gut, though, there is no such considered and balanced dialogue. In my gut, I back away from money as if it stings, as if it burns, as if it is a source and cause of shame and guilt, of fear and anger.

Clearly, this is not healthy!

Spiritual business support

As baby steps towards addressing this situation, I’ve been browsing a number of business coaching websites, particularly those focused towards artists and other creatives. I’ve browsed the sites of Carrie Wilkerson, Leonie Dawson and Tara Gentile, amongst others.

What I appreciate most about what I’ve found at their sites is what some might call their femininity. There’s no ‘you must do this!’, no ‘how to make mega-bucks right now!’, no ‘you can do it (and if you can’t you’re a failure!)’. Instead, I have found welcome, support, honour, humour and nurture. I’ve also appreciated what I would call their feminism: women putting their energy and enthusiasm and passion into supporting women.

I’ve bought and have begun reading Tara Gentile’s The Art of Earning: Because Making Money Should Be Beautiful, and when I get paid next, I’ll be trying out Leonie Dawson’s The Goddess Guide Book – Creativity, Soul & Business for Women. Part of me is sceptical, resistant. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Neptune and Saturn: dreams and limits

But in the meantime, I’m thinking about Neptune and Saturn, which in my astrological birthchart are directly opposed to one another – Neptune in Scorpio and Saturn in Taurus. Neptune is king of dreams, of oceanic connection and creativity; Saturn is king of time and of limitations, of practicalities and obstacles.

I’m thinking that I need to honour them both: my dreams, my connection, my creativity, but also the day to day limits of life – mortgage and bills and food and car repairs and schedules and deadlines. I’m thinking that I need to bring them to balance, to agreement; I need to marry them within myself, so their energies can work together to reach my goals.

I’m thinking that I deserve that. How about you?


5 thoughts on “Marrying Neptune and Saturn: can dreams and limits mix?

  1. I understand this.

    I am finding Leonie Dawson’s work amazing, and the circle, rather than just the Business course, is well worth joining. The support on there from other people in the same boat is brilliant.

    Limits and inspiration…

    I’ve crammed so much into the past couple of months I’m going to make myself ill if I don’t slow down a lot. And yet there is so much I long to do!

    Knowing how to ask for money, how to allow people to see what I do…? I can do it in short bursts but then I’m tired and I go quiet for a while.

    Oh, I don’t know… but I’m working on it too, you’re not alone 🙂


  2. *hugs you too* Baby steps! Challenging these ingrained fears and emotional knots is really hard work, energetically. No wonder you need to rest in between.

    And I just want to say, I had a quick read of Ali’s copies of your books when she stayed with me after camp. When I can prioritise the money for them, I am buying them, and they will be worth every penny. Your combination of underpinning philosophical depth, your ensuring your readers are safe in what they do, and the lightness of fairy dust and pixie kisses which you bring to this deep work is something I’ve not seen anywhere else.

    I know it’s easy to say to someone else, but seriously, let yourself shine, let people see it, and let them pay you what you’re worth!

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