Hail, Venus! Χαίρε, η Αφροδίτη!

A month ago, I wrote a blog post about… well, about money. As you can tell, I’m still not entirely comfortable even talking about the stuff. However, I’ve done as I said I would in that post: I’ve read Tara Gentile’s ebook, and joined Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Circle.

More about Goddess Leonie in a later blog post; for now, that ebook. There’s a lot of common sense in it, and a couple of philosophical positions that I still need to wrangle with a bit.

Money: destructive or creative?

The most useful part of the ebook for me so far though has been Tara’s reference to her understanding of Hindu approaches to money:

I am no expert in this particular tradition but it seems that Hindu culture sees money as a creative, procreative force – not a destructive force.

Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune


This immediately made me think both of Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune, and of Venus, the Roman Goddess and astrological force of romantic and sexual love, beauty and (wait for it) money.

Venus as a creative force

Venus is certainly a creative and procreative force! How many babies could be made without sex? How many souls could be fed without beauty? How many communities, families and individuals could thrive without money?

I still have all my angers and frustrations with the financial and economic system as it exists today, both in my own country and at a global level, but it’s a system that I can’t escape. So how can I exist, survive and thrive within it, in a soulful way? I think the answer, for me, may be by engaging fully with Venus, and with her Greek forebear, Aphrodite.

Canova's "Aphrodite"

photograph of Canova's "Aphrodite" by euthman @flickr (CC license)

I’ve begun that process, asking for their help in my money affairs, my business and all my work. May we all exist, survive and thrive, with innocent and joyful hearts. ♥


7 thoughts on “Hail, Venus! Χαίρε, η Αφροδίτη!

  1. Oh, WOW. As a Taurus, I am a total Venus gal. I am very much engaged with the love and beauty aspects of Venus, but I never focus on how much she rules our relationship with money. Thanks for opening my eyes to the fact that I have a money goddess on my side.

  2. A love/money factoid you may enjoy: Venus, like so many of the love goddesses, is associated with copper, the metal we humans used to make our first coins (and is still used in US pennies today).

    • I think I knew that, somewhere in the back of my mind(!), but had not made the association with pennies – thank you! I foresee a penny jar Venus altar in my near future 😉

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