Boundaries, limits and infinity

I’ve been thinking about limits again these past few days, and what it would be like to live joyfully within them. Once again, the Gods of astrology are coming to my aid in working things through.

Money and energy – changeable limits

Money, as I’ve raised before, is Venus’ domain, along with love and beauty. Energy is governed by Mars, the warrior, Venus’ opposite number but also her lover.

Mars and Venus, by Mantegna

With both energy and money, I have to live within my limits. If I don’t, I will eventually become both seriously ill and destitute, stripped of every possibility of sustained relationship (Venus), and of the ability to assert myself in the world (Mars). But the limits on my energy and financial resources are subject to change. I may pay more attention to my diet and exercise, thus increasing my reserves of energy; I may work more, or more effectively, thus increasing my income, or I may simply have a stroke of good luck. Of course, I might also pay less attention, work less or less effectively, or have a stroke of bad luck.

I must live within my present limits of energy and money, if I wish to survive and thrive*, but I can also work to increase those limits – or at the very least, remain vigilant so that they do not shrink.

The fixed boundaries of time and space

Other boundaries though are not so flexible. Time and space, the boundaries governed by Saturn, who to the Ancient Greeks was Kronos, are fixed.

However illusory time may ultimately be, day to day, month to month, year to year, there is only a certain amount of it available to me. Space likewise may be really, really big, the universe as a whole may be expanding, but the space within which I live and move is delimited by three dimensions, and my own scale relative to them.


It’s important not to balk too much at these boundaries, nor to disrespect Saturn and his domain. Without these boundaries of space and time the entire human experience as we know it would be impossible. There would be no way for us to know beauty, or love, nothing against which to sharpen our intellect, nor means for us to gain wisdom. The limited space and time that we do have, we should use wisely.

I cannot increase the number of hours in a day, or the number of inches in a mile. But I can increase what I am able to do within the time and space available to me. I can become more efficient, manage myself and my activities better, plan, structure and organise. All of these are under Saturn’s guidance.

But there is a potential trap here, which those of us who want to make ourselves and the world better all too easily fall into. If I become too focused on increasing my wealth and energy, too caught up in planning and structures, I may miss the opportunities to connect, to play, to experience wonder, to create and co-create that present themselves to me in every moment of every day.

Giving time and space to the limitless

'Starry Night' by Jessie Hodge (CC

Just this evening, I had a startling reminder of this. Going out into the garden with the dogs for their night-time stroll, my partner and I looked up and stood transfixed in the dark, eyes wide, staring deep into the Milky Way. No clouds, no moon, no streetlights, just stars, and more stars, and yet more stars. It was a moment of wonder, of joy, of blessing, of gratitude, and of simply being glad to be alive.

Connection, play, wonder and creation, joy, blessing, gratitude and gladness, are part of the aspect of life which has no limits or boundaries, the Ground of Being from which all emerges and to which all returns: the timeless; the infinite.

Finding a way to touch this infinite Ground every day, to connect with this timelessness which is so far beyond us yet forms the fabric of our very existence, provides the context for us to use our energy and money, a reason for us to make the best of the time and space we are given.

Whether we call this Ground of Being by the name God, Goddess, Mother, Father, Creator, Source, Life, the Universe or by any other name isn’t important; what is important is that we call, that we make the attempt to connect, that we open to that which is broader and wider and deeper than our own lives, our own limits, our own boundaries.

Because for those of us who know there is more to life than it seems on the surface, who seek for meaning and purpose, this is where the meaning, the purpose, the more lie.

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* I highly recommend Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert website. It’s aimed at UK residents, but has useful tips for anyone wanting to live better within their current means.


12 thoughts on “Boundaries, limits and infinity

  1. It’s been two months since I opened my online biz, and I’m just now realizing that I need to set some limits for myself in my day-to-day operations. I’m sitting at the computer FAR too much, trying to control and have a hand in everything, which is so not healthy. Thanks for the reminder that the gods are there to help.

    • It’s so easy for computer time to eat up everything else. I’m so glad this post was helpful to you – I tend to write about whatever’s going on for me, on the basis that someone else, somewhere on the Internet is going to be going through the same stuff!

  2. It requires constant effort for me to remember to consciously connect with the Divine. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane but my heart is connected to the Milky Way in so many more beautiful ways than my computer!

    • What a wonderful way of putting it! A teacher of mine once likened consciously connecting with the Divine to developing spiritual muscles: you go to the gym or run or do weights regularly in order to develop your strength, so that when you need to you can lift that sack of potatoes/child/dog/etc.; you connect with the Divine regularly in order to develop your connection, so that when you need access to that limitless support, you have a well-worn path to reach it.

      I’m not actually terribly good at sticking to daily practice myself, but I find several times a week is a good regularity to aim for; and it means that when I do do my practice every day, I feel great 🙂

  3. This is so interesting and I can so relate. I too feel as though there’s a fine line balancing especially with time and space. My business of 8 yrs (with a break in between to have a baby) went to an online business 20 months ago and boy oh boy have I had a time at trying to balance all the computer time needed to get my business out in the world and being a Mom, wife, rancher and doing my day job. What I find myself saying a lot is “there isn’t enough hours in the day to do what I NEED to do, let alone what I WANT to do! Thanks for sharing and for the gentle reminder to connect.

    • You’re very welcome – I’m so pleased it’s of help, and thank you for commenting.

      I’m always in awe of women who manage so much in a day. Connecting in with the Divine is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going, and I only have a little bit on my plate by comparison – but then it’s not about comparing, is it? It’s about treading our own paths and helping one another where we can 🙂

  4. As soon as I finished reading this, I took a nice deep breath and felt very peaceful. So often I feel shame in naming my limits, but there is freedom in embracing them, huh? I can’t wait to get out of the office and look up at the sky and say thank you for what is infinite and limitless.

    • I’m taking a deep breath with you, Marla.

      So often I feel shame in naming my limits, but there is freedom in embracing them, huh?

      Yes! On other levels we can expand infinitely, but on the level of our day to day lives, we are limited. There’s nothing wrong with that, and accepting it enables so much freedom and grace. And hurray for gratitude 🙂

  5. As a single Mom, writer of two blogs, Tarot/astrology professional with a 9-5 on the side I can totally relate. I’ve not felt time was my friend for a long time. But I’ve learned to work with the Law of Attraction to bring assistance and leverage to me whenever I can. I feel the sharing of our blogs and reaching out with one another is an amazing gift of leverage from the Universe!

    • Isn’t it just!

      At a spiritual camp I attend every two years, we work with Time as our ally. This is a huge challenge, but also very important work. (We invoke Time as our ally, by the way, by singing, “Ti-i-i-ime is on our side, yes It is!” 😀 )

  6. This really resonates with me –

    “If I become too focused on increasing my wealth and energy, too caught up in planning and structures, I may miss the opportunities to connect, to play, to experience wonder, to create and co-create that present themselves to me in every moment of every day.”

    I struggle with this all the time! I think all self-employed people must. I am soo glad that this evening I broke the obsessive “Must work, I am so behind” feeling and went out to a circle and drummed and sang with folks. The whole “I am so behind” thing, it really is just a feeling. And sometimes the best thing to do is break it.

    • I think you’re right; I think most women (and a goodly number of men) struggle with this, self-employed or not!

      Ooh, drumming and singing in circle – yum! And you are so right about it being a feeling – a script: “I am so behind” what exactly? 😉

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