Energy levels and fitness

Today is a Wednesday, which means it’s meant to be a ‘substantial blog post’ day here at ahamsa. But I’m tired, so instead, you’re going to get some thoughts on energy levels and fitness.

I am not, any longer, a fit person. I used to be. I used to be very fit and healthy.

I don’t know quite what happened – although I think it had rather a lot to do with high stress levels and eating a lot of chocolate for a period of seven months when my partner and our dogs were between houses and relying on the kindness, generosity and patience of family members.

I got fit for a while there in my thirties, when I could afford a local gym membership, and did vigorous, aerobic and muscle conditioning exercise three or four times a week. (It was a great place to work out the anger portion of my depression.)

But since I started academic study again, three years ago, I’ve put on over two stone (that’s 23 pounds in US money), become sluggish and suffered an increase in severity of symptoms which I now find are related to fibromyalgia.

So, what am I going to do about it (apart from whine at all of you lovely people)?
I’m taking up the ‘Get Off Your Broom’ Witchy Fitness Challenge:

from 'The Domestic Pagan'

I’m starting by taking a brisk, 20-30 minute walk every morning, come sun, rain or snow – no dogs, no stopping to admire the view (although I still intend to admire the view while moving), just me and my walking boots, doing what they’re made for.

I have other plans – like reducing my sugar intake and increasing fruit and veggies. But I’m starting with the walking.

And what has this to do, I hear you ask, with spirituality, and being peace, and serving beauty? Well, it’s been my experience that when I lack energy, my sense of spiritual connection and my ability to commit to daily practice are significantly diminished. The spiritual is physical; the physical is spiritual. Expending a bit of energy in aerobic exercise generates far more than it uses up, and forms a great foundation for a happier and more spiritually grounded me.


4 thoughts on “Energy levels and fitness

  1. Hi Elinor,
    This post resonated with me because of my experience and what I now see going on with some friends. I am not sure of our age, I am 56 now. Around age 50 when my hormones had settled into their new norm I too had some achyness (sp?) and wondered if I had fibromyalgia. I have always exercised but what I was doing was not feeling good. I had to find something new which for me ended up being working out on an aero pilates reformer. Exercise is one way to move energy.

    On a deeper level, what I knew was that with menopause I was sitting in my body in a more intimate way. And that was not completely comfortable. That is because our issues reside in our body. (Mona Lisa Schulz’s book Awakening Intuition has great information about this) That’s why menopause can be so difficult and women put on weight. Our unresolved issues are right here in our bodies and with estrogen levels bottoming out we are sitting right there too.

    I think exercising and doing energy work, while engaging in our personal stuff is the way through. I do not have any achyness today – for me fibromyalgia was something I would have if I chose not to engage with my stuff. Basically I think I came face to face with a lot of unresolved stuff that needed to be processed.

    Commit to giving yourself time to process your stuff, exercise, and doing energy work and you should come out on the other end fine symptom free. Blessing on your journey.

    • Hi Linnette
      Thanks very much for your encouraging words. I’m 41, and have had fibro symptoms since my mid-twenties (but have only recently been diagnosed), and managing energy is a lifelong challenge for me. Of your three ‘legs’ – exercise, energy work and engaging in our personal stuff – the only one I’ve ever slacked on is physical exercise, but it’s what makes the other two possible!
      Blessings to you too

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