So where have I been?

Just under two weeks ago, our house caught fire, and while my partner, our dogs and I are completely unharmed, we lost almost all of our belongings.

We are… really not as bothered by that as we imagined we might be. Resilience and non-attachment appear to be at the max, so far.

Our lives are at present an exercise in receiving, and receiving, and receiving. The generosity of our neighbours has been humbling, from donations of clothes and toiletries to putting a roof over our heads. The speed with which our insurance company is operating is exemplary. I feel carried and supported, by means both human and divine. Alongside the shock and grief is a deep, deep well of gratitude and experience of being held by Love.

I leave you with a Sufi blessing which a dear friend of mine left for me in a voicemail message this weekend:

May the blessings of Love rest upon you,
May Love’s peace abide with you,
May Love’s presence illuminate your heart,
Now and forever more.

Elinor ♥


What do you think? What is your experience of this?

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