Weddings and Civil Partnerships

Weddings are beautiful, joyous, moving occasions, when two people come together with the intention to share their lives with one another in love. A specially created wedding ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for you to declare, to one another, to your families and to your communities, what your relationship means to you both, the spiritual beliefs and values you choose to live by together, and the vows and commitments you choose to make to one another. It is a chance to consciously choose together what you want your relationship to be.

I offer wedding and handfasting ceremonies to all couples in loving, committed relationships, regardless of sexual orientation, across Scotland. Because of the current law, I am only able to conduct a legally recognised wedding ceremony between a man and a woman. However, many lesbian, gay and same-sex couples choose to have a personally designed ceremony to accompany a civil partnership registration, to make their special day a true reflection of their feelings for one another, and their spiritual beliefs and values.

Planning your ceremony

Before our first meeting, I will email you a list of questions to answer, which are designed to help you to become clear about what your relationship means to you, what your strengths and weaknesses are as a couple, and your hopes for the future of your relationship. Many couples also find answering these questions very helpful in writing their own vows.

During our initial planning meeting, I’ll get to know you as a couple, finding out about your spiritual beliefs and values, what’s really important to you, and any particular desires you have for your ceremony, such as remembering family members who aren’t able to be present, or including children, parents, or other family and friends in your ceremony. You’ll also have the chance to get to know me, of course, and ask as many questions as you need to.

I then write a draft of your ceremony, taking everything you’ve told me into account, and email it to you. The draft can be rewritten and reworked as much as is needed so that you’re both completely happy with it. If possible, nearer to the date of the ceremony, a dry-run in the wedding venue is ideal, to iron out any practical issues and settle any nerves.

Then finally, your big day!


£150-£500 sliding scale – pay what you can afford, and what feels right.

These fees include all planning meetings, writing the ceremony, ceremony rehearsal and conducting the ceremony itself.

In addition to the ceremony fee, expenses are payable for travel costs (45p per mile or standard fare public transport), plus accommodation if needed and a £50 per night supplement for any necessary overnight stays.

Any questions?

If you have any queries or questions about how I can work with you on your wedding ceremony, do get in touch by calling 07799 468309, or send me an email.


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