Spiritual path-finding

What is your spirit’s hunger? Where is the key that will unlock your heart? Which is the light to guide your feet along your path?
Are you at a crossroads in your spiritual life? Do you feel unsure which way to turn? Are you worried to ask for help because you fear being judged?

Do you feel a need to:

  • gain greater clarity on your life purpose?
  • explore and develop an authentic spiritual practice, rooted in your own values and beliefs?
  • heal past hurts from religion?
  • simply relax and get out of your own way?

Perhaps you had a strong spirituality as a child, then became disillusioned with religion as you grew into adulthood, but now feel a yearning for Spirit in some form; or you have had a strong faith up to now, but a change in your life has left you feeling spiritually at sea and unsure of the path you’re on.

Perhaps you already have a strong sense of your spirituality, but feel you have come to a standstill or reached a block in your spiritual practice; or your spirituality has just been awakened, and you’re not quite sure where to start with taking it further.

The goal of spiritual path-finding is to help you on your way to deep connection: with yourself, with Spirit, and with all of Life. Starting from where you are in the present, and honouring your past, we will explore pathways and practices which can take you towards a grounded, authentic spirituality. We will work together on developing a spiritual practice which feeds you and returns you to a deep sense of connection and purpose.

I offer a safe space for LGBTQ people (transgender, intersex, bisexual, lesbian, gay and queer), couples/poly relationships and families.

What you can expect from me:

  • an invitation to enter sacred space
  • deep listening
  • support to clarify your goals, face your fears, heal your past and find your joy
  • gentle but effective challenges to any assumptions, ideas or attitudes that are blocking your path
  • an email following every session outlining the ‘headline’ issues and actions we discussed

What I will expect from you:

  • an email before our sessions, outlining your spiritual and religious history, and your goals for our work together
  • to show up
  • to commit to our work together
  • to be willing to open up – to me and to yourself, and if you are part of a group session, to the other members of the group
  • to be willing to sit with uncomfortable feelings – whether ‘negative’ or ‘positive’

Spiritual path-finding is available both one-to-one and in a group setting. If you’re not sure which will be best for you, drop me an email or give me a ring (UK: 07799 468309, International: +44 779 946 8309) to arrange a free consultation of up to half an hour, to discuss your needs and goals.

One-to-one sessions are available in Eskdalemuir (southern Scotland), or by telephone, Skype video/voice, or instant message, for those who live further afield. One-to-one sessions last for an hour.

Yes, please sign me up! One-to-one sessions can be purchased individually or in three or six session blocks.

Payment: one-off session – £60; three sessions – £165; six sessions – £300

To book your first session, send the appropriate Paypal payment to epredota@gmail.com  We will then schedule our first meeting.

Group sessions are by teleseminar, and happen once a month. The maximum membership for any teleseminar is 12, to ensure that everyone has the time and space they need. Teleseminars always happen on a Saturday or a Sunday at 4pm UTC.

Yes, please sign me up! Group sessions can be purchased one at a time, or in three or six session blocks.

Payment: one session – £15; three sessions – £41.25; six sessions – £75

To book, send the appropriate Paypal payment to epredota@gmail.com  I will then send you the date and time of the next teleseminar.


On 1st February, 2012, I’ll be launching an annual membership scheme, which will cover not only a monthly teleseminar, but also access to forums and a whole host of e-kits and posters. Members will also get discounts on e-courses and one-to-one spiritual path-finding sessions. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date with this and other developments at ahamsa.


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