The realisation and actual experience that people like you exist, and are doing your Soul work beautifully: how DIVINE and WONDER-FULL!!!

Since our call I’ve had more calm, more inner peace, more inner confidence and security in my truth, my choices and convictions. I felt so listened to, held and seen in our Skype call, and the wonderful insights and affirmations that came out of our work together were such a gift. You saw and heard into my story in ways that allowed key questions to be asked, that cut through any “bumf” and got me to places of gentle, crystal clarity.

You have a warmth and understanding that is perfect for your role. You are able to hold ANY spiritual story with unconditional witnessing and guide us to a place of clarity: what a stunning and unique gift. I never felt judged at all, or tangled in any story or need of yours – it felt like you gave 100% divine, neutral, unconditional, loving and selfless service. THANK YOU ELINOR!

— Michelle J., South Africa


I highly recommend Elinor’s spiritual counseling services. She’s intuitive, insightful, and offers a gentle (but sufficiently firm!) hand to help guide you back to the path that you’re looking for.

It was really helpful to have a chance to express spiritual barriers to another person rather than just mulling things over in my head or putting it out there on a message board.

I came away from the experience with simple and concrete, yet meaningful, steps to help me build a connection to the divine in myself and nature.

— Nea L., U.S.A.


We just can’t thank you enough for our wonderful Handfasting – it was everything we imagined and more! The way in which you drew all our loved ones into the circle made everyone feel very much part of the intimacy of the Handfasting and so many people complimented the way in which they really felt they were witnessing something very special and magickal.

You conducted the handfasting itself with such gracious solemnity, that when you bound our hands with the ribbons everyone really realised the deeply spiritual significance of what was happening: that it wasn’t ‘alternative’ but actually very traditional and ancient. My uncle, who is a Church of Scotland minister, told me it was the most amazing ceremony he’d ever been to!!! He was completely entranced and enthralled by it, and said he’d never forget how deeply moved he’d been.

The calm yet powerful way you conducted the ceremony allowed both of us to really ‘be there’, in the moment. When I gave my vows, I knew I wasn’t just ‘repeating some words’; the vows really MEANT what I felt. Having the freedom to pretty much say what we wanted to each other has meant we absolutely got the ceremony tailored to us as a couple. Your own kind words about us were beautiful. Our friend Gareth said it was the most appropriate ceremony and words about the couple he’d ever heard.

Your presence filled the glade and empowered our family and friends to really join with the energies, and made the most incredible memories for all of us. Everything was completely in keeping with how we wanted the ceremony to feel – we wouldn’t have been able to have a proper Handfasting without you! So, dear Elinor, our deepest heartfelt thanks for making our nuptial dreams come true!

— Jasmine and Dan, Scotland


We were really happy to find that there are ways to be spiritual and find meaning in life outside of conventional religious frameworks.

Elinor completely accepted our beliefs (or lack of them) and made a genuine effort to incorporate quite disparate rituals and readings that we found meaningful, within a dignified but joyful ceremony. We had a fabulous wedding day with a service that was completely personalised to our specific beliefs and history.

Prior to the wedding, the preparation questions we answered helped us to be clear about our feelings for each other and understand each other better. We were able to make sure that the promises we made to each other were exactly the ones we wanted to make. We are still happily married!

— Chris and Fiona, England


What do you think? What is your experience of this?

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